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[1THING] Blog: Archive for November, 2011

[ With U.S. Natural Gas Booming, a Move to Send It Overseas ]

Companies are making the first moves to parlay abundant U.S. natural gas into a global business, but many worry that U.S. consumers will be hurt.


[ With Record Heating Oil Prices Expected, Homes Dash to Gas ]

Natural gas abundance in the U.S. Northeast means it’s now far cheaper than oil for home heating. Residents are making the switch, but will prices stay low?


[ IEA Outlook: Time Running Out on Climate Change ]

The International Energy Agency’s new world outlook has a grim prognosis; the world has only five years to make changes needed to address climate change.


[ Nigeria’s Solar Projects Yield Both Failure and Success ]

Solar power offers hope to villages that lack electricity, but Nigeria’s experience shows that it won’t work without adequate investment and care.


[ Permanent Daylight Saving Time? Might Boost Tourism, Efficiency ]

As much of the U.S. and Europe falls back an hour, supporters of permanent daylight saving tout energy saving—and more tourism.