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[ State of Oregon fined due to coastal pollution ]

(from The Oregonian)

Federal environmental regulators have fined the state $1.2 million for failure to come up with what they feel is an adequate plan for controlling runoff from logging, agriculture and other sources.

The standards were parts of Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Program, established in 1990. At that time, coastal states were given six years to draft plans for reaching compliance. Oregon is one of 10 states that have yet to gain approval from the federal government, but the first to be fined.

Richard Whitman, Gov. Kate Brown’s natural resources adviser, says that the state plans to address remaining concerns through voluntary measures. Federal administrators told Whitman those measures are “not sufficiently definite or advanced” to avoid sanctions.

Federal officials had delayed final inspection of Oregon’s plan for nearly two decades. Then the environmental group Northwest Environmental Advocates sued to force them to either approve or reject the plan.