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[1THING] Blog: Archive for the ‘Transportation’ Category

[ Electric cars: the cheaper option in just 6 years ]

By 2022, electric vehicles (EVs) will be the less-expensive option for people buying new cars—so say the analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

While the low price of gas and the lack of style options currently hold EV sales at just about 1% of new cars sold, that’s predicted to change rapidly in the next decade. Rising environmental consciousness and more variety will likely drive demand, but experts say the tipping point will be when fuel prices start rising again in the next decade.  

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[ Portland Becomes “Bike Town” Thanks to Nike ]

Photo courtesy of Peter D'Auria - Willamette Week

Photo courtesy of Peter D’Auria – Willamette Week

(from Willamette Week)

The Portland Bureau of Transportation and Nike have unveiled their deal for a sponsored bike-share program called “BikeTown.” The $10 million, five-year partnership will feature 1,000 “Nike orange” bicycles. 

Portland’s bike-share will be among the largest and the most affordable in the country. An annual membership will cost $10-15 per month, and a single ride will cost $2.50 for the first half hour. The program will also include 500 reduced-income memberships.

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