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FREE: Summer In The Veggie Garden

Now that your vegetable garden is in its glory days, learn how to keep your edibles happy through the summer & some tips to maximize and creatively use your harvests at this free class!

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Laurelhurst Park: Monthly Work Party

Wednesday May 10th @ 9:00am - 12:00pm

northwest forestFriends of Laurelhurst Park was established to encourage volunteer participation in the maintenance, beautification and advocacy for one of Portland’s landmark neighborhood parks. Supervision, basic tools, gloves and water are provided as participants weed beds, prune trees and shrubs, remove invasive and nuisance species, mulch existing beds and prepare and plant in areas needing attention. The work performed is vital to the health of the park, the quality of the landscape and pleasure experienced by park visitors. Volunteers meet at the north entrance to the park on SE Ankeny Street.