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Ross Island Regatta: Celebrating Great Blue Herons

Sunday May 21st @ 9:30am - 12:30pm

great blue heronJoin us for this year’s 31st Annual Great Blue Heron Week with a special event paddling around Ross Island! This year, there will be only one signature event – the annual Ross Island Regatta, which will give Portlanders an opportunity to enjoy a morning on the Willamette River, paddling through a no-wake zone on Holgate Channel and into the Ross Island lagoon for a look at nesting Bald Eagles that took over what had been a large Great Blue Heron nesting colony. Farther downstream we will get a good look a the relocated heron colony near Ross Island’s tip. From there we will head back upstream past little Toe Island, keeping a lookout for beaver dens and Belted Kingfisher burrows and back to Willamette Park.

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