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Endangered Species Art Show

Beautiful works of art by local artists will feature endangered species and support the Audubon Society

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[ How the Fight Against Zika Is Playing Out Across Brazil Right Now ]

Brazil is in crisis. Earlier this month, President Dilma Rousseff was ousted from office after a series of scandals led to impeachment proceedings. Newly installed opposition leaders are facing a series of corruption charges of their own. And the Zika virus, first detected in Brazil in April 2015, continues to stymie public health officials concerned about the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

So far, the new government’s approach toward Zika has been questionable, at best: The new health minister, Ricardo Barros, is an engineer with no previous experience in health administration.…

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[ The Super-Bug Nightmare We Always Feared Is Upon Us ]


Late last year, a team of of Chinese and UK researchers shocked the global public health world when they identified a strand of E. coli circulating among Chinese pigs that had developed resistance to colistin, a “last resort” antibiotic that’s used only to treat pathogens that can resist other antibiotics. Worse still, they found, the gene that allowed the E. coli to withstand the potent drug can easily jump to other bacterial species—including nasties like salmonella—and is “likely” to go global.…

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[ Map shows the wildest land linking protected areas of the U.S. ]

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[ Finally You Can See How Much Added Sugar Is Hidden in Your Food ]


After years of delay, the Food and Drug Administration finalized new nutrition facts labels on Friday. The label you’re used to seeing on processed foods was more than 20 years old; the government says the new one reflects updated scientific information and “will make it easier for consumers to make better informed food choices.”

The changes include a magnified calorie count and the addition of a line showing added sugar (highlighted below).

Food and Drug Administration

It’s a big deal that companies will now have to identify the added sugar in their food.…

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[ New BLM 2.0 Planning Process Allows Public More Say in Local Land Use Decisions ]

The agency decides how an array of uses and resources–ranging from grazing to energy development, wildlife habitat to wilderness, hunting to off-roading–occur on these lands.

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The Portland Recycling Guide

Here’s resources so you can recycle just about everything–including the kitchen sink!!

Metro – Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability – What goes in and what stays out

Master Recycler Program – the “mother” guide to reuse, reduce, recycle at home and work