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Endangered Species Art Show

Beautiful works of art by local artists will feature endangered species and support the Audubon Society

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[ New poll shows strong support for Northwest Forest Plan: Voters prioritize water protection and recreation for public lands in the Pacific Northwest ]

Michael Reinemer

new poll reveals voters’ priorities for the management of a 25-million-acre network of America’s public lands, forests and rivers in Northern

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[ Good Thing Cats Are Adorable, Because They Get Away With a Lot of Crap ]

Few creatures are as cute, cunning, or controversial as the common household cat. Despite their taste for blood, enigmatic demands, and unpredictable mood swings, cats have managed to claw their way into homes, hearts, and Youtube channels like no other domestic animal. While these stealthy creatures are much better at stalking than being stalked, it’s believed there could be anywhere from 600 million to 1 billion house cats worldwide. On the most recent episode of the Inquiring Minds podcast, Indre Viskontas sits down with cat enthusiast and science writer Abigail Tucker to discuss her new book, The Lion in the Living Room, and to explore the complicated role cats have in ecological systems across the globe.…

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[ Why the Feds Won’t Let You Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground ]

This story was originally published by Fusion and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Earlier this year, author and environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams bought leasing rights to 1,120 acres of public land in Utah to spare it from fossil fuel development. In explaining to the Bureau of Land Management at the time why her bid was legitimate, she said that “you can’t define what energy is for us. Our energy development is fueling a movement.”

Williams and her husband, Brooke, also say they did everything they thought necessary to meet the legal requirements of the leasing process, including setting up a company, Tempest Exploration Company, LLC.…

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[ People Are Flocking to Meal-Kit Services—Then Abandoning Them in Droves ]

Meal-kit services like Blue Apron are an enigma: simultaneously booming in popularity and yet struggling to retain consumers. 

On the one hand, these services, which deliver fresh ingredients and a recipe, only made their US debut in 2012, yet they’re expected to generate $1.5 billion in sales in 2016. Investors gobble them up, too—meal-kit startups have drawn $650 million in venture capital over the industry’s short life span.

And yet, consumers tend to drop them quickly after signing up, new data show.…

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[ Poll: Pacific Northwest voters value clean water and protecting old-growth forests ]

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The Portland Recycling Guide

Here’s resources so you can recycle just about everything–including the kitchen sink!!

Metro – Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability – What goes in and what stays out

Master Recycler Program – the “mother” guide to reuse, reduce, recycle at home and work