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The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) is the national trade association representing the Christmas tree industry and is an advocate for recycling your Christmas tree.



Learn how to buy right, reuse and recycle your old paint for all your home improvement projects and help save.

Most homes can be made more energy efficient and EnergyTrust of Oregon offers several easy ways to evaluate and improve your home’s energy performance.


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[ How Volcanoes Could Help Power the Planet—But Barely Do ]

The Earth’s heat could provide power to homes and businesses on a global scale, but it’s only barely been tapped. Indonesia is trying to change that.

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[ BLM Colorado: lost in the wilderness on Tres Rios Plan ]

In the first of a three management plans to be released in 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Colorado missed a great opportunity to protect some of Colorado’s most treasured landscapes—including the Dolores River, lands surrounding Mesa Verde National Park and recreation hub


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[ NASA’s Big Picture on Climate Change ]

NASA’s Big Picture on Climate Change

Visitors to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland see signs of a warming planet on NASA’s hyperwall / Erica Flock


When you hear “NASA”, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of the International Space Station, the Mars Curiosity rover, or the Hubble Space Telescope. These high-profile projects are all important, but they represent only a fraction of the US space program.

Because of its unique “big picture” view of our planet, NASA is undertaking extensive research on climate change too.

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[ Teens Lead on Climate with ACE ]

Teens Lead on Climate


Guest post by Katherine Frazier-Archila of the Alliance for Climate Education

When did you first begin to care about the environment? Do you remember what inspired you? 

Today we face our greatest challenge as a world in addressing climate change. However, there’s a hopeful sign: recent polls have shown that young people, those who have the most at stake, are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and working for a fossil fuel-free future. That’s where the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) comes in.

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[ Corn for Home Heat: A Green Idea That Never Quite Popped ]

Some enterprising Americans burn kernels to keep warm in winter, but there’s a reason the green heating concept hasn’t taken off.

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The Portland Recycling Guide

Here’s our recommend resources to recycle just about everything include the kitchen sink!!

Metro - Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability – What goes in and what stays out

Master Recycler Program – the “mother” guide to reuse, reduce, recycle at home and work