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[ Oregon Gets Two New Scenic Waterways ]

Photo: Bureau of Land Management; flickr

Photo: Bureau of Land Management; flickr

Portions of the Molalla and Chetco Rivers have been designated as scenic waterways by Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

The Governor approved the designation in January, which will mean added protections for the river and areas surrounding them. There are already portions of 20 rivers and lakes designated as scenic waterways in Oregon.

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[ Act now: Ask Congress to heed President Obama’s budget, invest in parks and conservation ]

President Obama’s proposal restores essential funding to long-neglected programs, including fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund and fixing the way we pay to fight wildfires. These programs are a win-win for our environment, public health and all Americans.

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[ More Plastic Than Fish In The Ocean By 2050 ]

Courtesy of SOLVE Oregon

Photo: SOLVE Oregon

(Courtesy of KOIN-6 News)

Experts believe there is 165 million tons of plastic in the world’s oceans right now. By 2050, this plastic is predicted to outweigh the amount of fish in the ocean.

“It never truly breaks down in the environment,” said Joy Irby with SOLVE Oregon. “It breaks down into smaller pieces (of plastic).”

Oregon is certainly not immune. “Last year, in 2015 alone, SOLVE volunteers picked up over 500 thousand pounds of debris from across the state and our waterways,” she said.…

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[ 16 Easy Ways to Make Less Trash In 2016 ]

Photo: woodleywonderworks; flickr
Photo: woodleywonderworks; flickr
(from Mind Body Green)


Compostable bamboo toothbrushes. Carrying your own coffee mug. Using washable cloth handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues.


These are just three of the ways you can make less trash — which considering that the average American generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day — is an important thing to do.


Click here to find out some other easy ways to do 1 Thing that could make a world of difference.

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[ Help Future Amphibians! ]

Photo: Oregon Metro

Photo: Oregon Metro

Coming up on Saturday, January 30th, you can train to monitor amphibian egg masses in our local waterways–which helps officials plan future restoration projects.

Click here to get more information on attending an upcoming training session to be a volunteer egg mass monitor with Metro Parks and Nature. Metro’s amphibian egg mass monitoring program tracks four native pond-breeding amphibians: the Pacific chorus frog, Northwest salamander, long-toed salamander and Northern red-legged frog, which is listed by the state as under threat. …

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The Portland Recycling Guide

Here’s resources so you can recycle just about everything include the kitchen sink!!

Metro – Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability – What goes in and what stays out

Master Recycler Program – the “mother” guide to reuse, reduce, recycle at home and work