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[ Donald Trump Says Global Warming Is a Chinese Hoax. China Disagrees. ]

This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Two years after President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that their countries would work together to combat climate change, Republicans and conservatives in the United States continue to cite China’s rising carbon emissions as a reason not to bother cutting our own.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump’s economic advisor Stephen Moore claimed that limiting our carbon pollution is pointless because of China’s supposedly growing coal dependency.…

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[ This 25-Year-Old May Have Saved You From Super-Gonorrhea ]

Last week, the United Nations announced that antibiotic resistance is the “biggest threat to modern medicine.” Nasty superbugs that have evolved to withstand antibiotics already kill 23,000 Americans every year—more than homicide—and experts predict that by 2050 they could kill some 10 million people around the world annually, more than the number of people killed by cancer. The United Kingdom’s chief medical officer describes the situation as a “nightmare.” Pretty soon, the director-general of the World Health Organization says, “common diseases like gonorrhoea may become untreatable.”

Amid the doom and gloom, scientists are buzzing over some hopeful news out of Australia: A 25-year-old researcher there thinks she may have discovered a key to averting this public health crisis.…

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[ New Report: Poor Americans of Color Drink Filthy Water and Breathe Poisonous Air All the Damn Time ]

In 2009, trains arrived in Uniontown, Alabama carrying four millions tons of coal ash, the toxic residue from burning coal. The ash was recovered from a spill in Kingston, Tennessee—a town that is more than 90 percent white—and brought to a new landfill less than a mile from the residential part of Uniontown, which is 90 percent black. Soon, Uniontown residents began reporting breathing problems, rashes, nausea, nosebleeds, and more.

“The smell, the pollution, and the fear affect all aspects of life—whether we can eat from our gardens, hang our clothes or spent time outside,” resident Esther Calhoun later said.

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[ 7 Tips to Fight Plastic Pollution ]

7 Tips to Fight Plastic Pollution



Enormous gyres made up of plastic “soup” have been found in all our oceans. The infamous North Pacific Gyre, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, covers an area twice the size of Texas! Meanwhile, plastic chemicals like BPA are endocrine disruptors and, when ingested over time, can cause cancer, birth defects, and behavior problems.

All this plastic is wreaking havoc on our health and environment. Here are some tips from EarthShare members on fighting back against plastic pollution:

Support Bag Fees and Bans.

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[ Inside the Court Battle That Could Destroy Obama’s Climate Policy ]

President Barack Obama’s signature climate change initiative had its day in court Tuesday, as lawyers for 27 states, nonprofit groups, and utility companies argued that the carbon regulations are unconstitutional.

The rule, known as the Clean Power Plan, would enforce a 32 percent reduction on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants by 2030 (compared with 2005 levels). As part of the implementation, the Environmental Protection Agency would require states with at least two coal-fired power plants to submit plans for emissions reductions.…

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The Portland Recycling Guide

Here’s resources so you can recycle just about everything–including the kitchen sink!!

Metro – Get everything you need to know about recycling and garbage and hazardous waste disposal in the Portland metropolitan area

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability – What goes in and what stays out

Master Recycler Program – the “mother” guide to reuse, reduce, recycle at home and work